Hazard Class 7:  Radioactive Material
Definition:  Any material that contains unstable isotopes of an element undergoing decay and emitting radiation.
Shipping Options: 
  • Contact EHS: All shipments of class 7 radioactive material must be done by Environmental Health and Safety.  Due to the complex regulations regarding radioactive material shipments, as well as the public’s perception of radioactive material, EHS staff handle these type of shipments.  This includes any shipments or movement of radioactive material across campus or from one building to another.  Also all receipts of radioactive materials are received at the EHS office and then forwarded to campus (William Leonard 607-255-5616 or EHS 607-255-8200).

Examples of Radioactive Material:

  • Isotopes – P-32, S-35, I-125, C-14, etc.
  • Tritium H3
  • Natural Uranium, Uranium Acetate, Thorium Nitrate
  • Static Eliminators
  • Radiation detector check sources
  • Electron Capture Device
  • Liquid Scintillation Counters