Special Procedures TOC

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Procedure Number Title Required/ Recommended/ Informational
SP#1 Requirements for Badge Users at Cornell University


SP#2 Requirements for Volatile Radioiodine Use​ Required​
SP#3 Recommendations for Radioiodine Users​ Recommended​
Recommendations for Handling Stock Radioactive Materials
SP#5 Requirements for Becoming Authorized to Use Radioactive Material​ Required​
SP#6 Requirements for Inventory Records​ Required​
SP#7 Central Storage of Sealed and Unsealed Radioactive Materials​ Recommended​
SP#8 Release Criteria for Facilities and Equipment Involved with the Use of Radioactive Materials​ Required​
SP#9 Guide to Meter Calibration Labels​ Informational​
SP#10 Security of Radioactive Materials ​ Required​
SP#11 ​Requirements for Records Required​
SP#12 Recommendations for Determining Waste Disposition​ Recommended​
SP#13 Instructions for Using the Waste Disposition and Decay Excel Sheet​ Recommended​
SP#14 Permit Amendment and Process​ Required​
SP#15 ​Unsealed Radioactive Material Use Locations and Labeling Requirements Required​



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