Chapter 11 - Incidents
11.0 Notification of Incidents (Top)

11.1  Each permit holder must report to the RSO the theft or loss of any source of radiation immediately after such occurrence becomes known.

11.2  Each permit holder must immediately notify the RSO of any incident involving any source of radiation which may have caused or threatens to cause:

11.2.1  A radiation exposure in excess of applicable limits to any individual

11.2.2  The release of radioactive materials, which will cause excessive levels and concentrations of radionuclides in air or water.

11.3  Each permit holder of sources subject to increased security controls must notify the RSO of any of the following:

11.3.1  Actual or suspected attempts to break, bypass, circumvent, or disable all or any portion of the security system. 

11.3.2  Actual or suspected attempts to remove sources, modify or remove shielding, or change any feature of the device or source. 

11.3.3  Actual or suspected unauthorized attempts to obtain information about the source, security system, or security plans.

The RSO will relay all information to Cornell Police for further follow up and possible reporting to appropriate agencies.