How to Prepare an SOP Form
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Guide to Chemical Safety for Laboratory Workers



Standard Operating Procedure for
Carcinogens and Highly toxic Materials

Location(s): ___________________________________________________

Chemical(s): __________________________________________________

Specific Hazards: _______________________________________________ 

1. Purchasing: All purchases of this material must have written approval from the Principal Investigator or _______________________ before ordering. The user is responsible to ensure that a current Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is obtained unless a current one is already available within the laboratory. Quantities of this material will be limited to ________________, or the smallest amount necessary to complete the experiment.

2. Storage: Materials will be stored according to compatibility and label recommendations in a designated area: ________________________________________. Storage areas will be regularly inspected by _________________________________ to ensure safety. Periodic inventory reductions will be scheduled. 


3. Authorized personnel: Use of this material requires prior written approval from the PI or __________________________, Title: ____________________. Use will be limited to the following personnel (check all that apply):

Principal Investigator ____ Graduate students____

Technical staff ____ Post doctoral employees____ Undergraduates ____

Other (describe) _________________________ 

4. Training requirements: The user must demonstrate competency and familiarity regarding the safe handling and use of this material prior to purchase. Training should include the following:

Review of current MSDS Special training provided by the department/supervisor

Review of the OSHA Lab Standard Review of the departmental safety manual

Review of the Chemical Hygiene Plan Safety meetings and seminars

Laboratory safety training (EH&S)

5. Use location: Materials shall be used only in the following designated areas in room ______. Check all that apply:

demarcated area in lab (describe)________________________________________

fume hood _____ glove box _____ other (describe) _______________________

6. Personal protective equipment: All personnel are required to wear the following personal protective equipment whenever handling this material (check all that apply):

Safety goggles _____ Chemical safety goggles _____ Face shield _____

Gloves (type/use):

Incidental Contact: _____________________________________________

Extended Contact: ______________________________________________

Lab coat _____ Rubber apron _____ Tyvek clothing _____

Respirator (type) ______________ Other (describe) ___________________

7. Waste disposal: The authorized person using this material is responsible for the safe collection, preparation and proper disposal of waste unless otherwise stated below. Waste shall be disposed of as soon as possible and in accordance with all laboratory and University procedures.

Specific instructions:

8. Decontamination: Specific instructions: 

9. Exposures: Emergency procedures to be followed (from SDS):

Skin/eye contact--symptoms:

First aid:

Ingestion-- symptoms:

First aid:


First aid: 

10. Spills: Spill cleanup materials to be used, location of materials, PPE to be used, disposal of cleanup materials, etc. Please be as complete as possible:

11. Phone numbers:

Cornell Campus Police 911 (accidents, spills)

Environmental Health and Safety 607-255-8200

Cornell Health 607-255-5155 

12. Other: Special precautions, incompatible/reactive materials, usable shelf life, etc. Please be as specific as possible:

Prepared by: ________________________________

Date: _____________

Reviewed/Revised: _________________