Appendix G - Video Library


EH&S Video Library

EHS has developed a safety video YouTube channel at . We expect to continue to add to this library, so if you have suggestions about topics for videos that would provide useful to your constituencies, please let us know at and we'll do our best to meet this need.

In addition, we maintain 3 Twitter feeds:

@cornelllabsafe - laboratory safety, nanotech and green chemistry news

@acsdchas - hazmat incidents and information

@labsustain - news related laboratory sustainability

All three of these twitter feeds are active, with 3 to 5 tweets per day. 

We also recommend these videos from other campuses:

1. A Day in the Lab (University of California San Diego): 
This video describes the importance of laboratory safety from the perspective a Principal Investigator.

2. Handling Pyrophoric Materials (from Dartmouth Environmental Health and Safety):
This video covers transfer, use, and storage of pyrophoric chemicals:

Working with Pyrophoric Reagents (from University of California, San Diego):

This page has three videos:

Part 1: Getting
Part 2: Transferring
Pyrophoric Liquids
Part 3: Working with
Reactive Metals

3. Flash Chromatography (from Univiversity of California, San Diego Environmental Health and Safety):
The following video provides a brief overview of the hazards associated with flash chromatography.

4. Experimenting with Danger (24:05) US Chemical Safety Board overview of academic lab safety
This video describes hazards associated with research at chemical laboratories in academic institutions.

5. Carbon Nanotubes Risks - exposure, chemistry and physical form (University of Michigan Risk Science Center) 
An overview of the factors to consider in assessing health risks associated with carbon nanotubes

Additional Laboratory Safety Resources

PowerPoint of "Working Safely in the Laboratory":
 Working safely in the laboratory.pdf and
 Working safe quiz chemical version.pdf

PowerPoint and quiz for  "Introduction to the GHS System for Lab Workers"
GHS update for labs.pdf and GHS Update quiz.pdf

A video version of this program can be found at

Cornell University Biological Safety Manual

Cornell University Laboratory Safety Manual

Biosafety in the Laboratory

American Chemical Society, Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories

Prudent Practices in the Laboratory from the National Research Council

Identifying and Evaluating Hazards in Research Laboratories


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